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Tour Finalized!

Well folks, this tour was a monster to book, but we’ve finally got it all in line and we’re rolling right along! For those of you who we’ve missed on this one (I’m looking at you, Detroit), we would have LOVED to come see you, but this touring is complicated business, and unless we all

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Alphabet Sessions 7″ & Holy Ghost Deluxe download

Hey everybody, The US tour is finally well under way. So far we’ve been through Texas (we’ll be back!), Colorado and Wyoming. Thank you to everybody for your hospitality and warm reception. When I was in Austin, I was lucky enough to record a few live tracks which some of y’all might recognize (I hope)

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Instant Bootlegs available at each show!

Are you looking forward to this tour as much as we are? Soon you’ll be able to take a piece of it home with you! We will have an audio file of each live show on the upcoming US tour available for purchase at the merch booth immediately after our set! It will contain both

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